01. Effective Meeting Culture
02. Effective Virtual Teams
03. Effective Project Culture
04. Effective Matrix Communication
05. Effective Collaboration Across Cultures
06. Coaching And Mentoring
07. Boosting Sales
08. Effective Conflict Management
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Real Virtual Business focuses on communication and management solutions for real international business in an increasingly virtual world. We provide customized interventions to improve your (real) virtual collaboration. For every workshop, training or coaching with us, we promise you that there will be tangible improvements in your efficiency, communication and joy in working together.

Our partners and associates have been serving international businesses across the globe for decades. We speak all European languages, Chinese and Japanese and are international creatures ourselves. All of our associates have been leading virtual teams for years. They are coaches as well as experienced trainers. They know all do's and don'ts, the cultural and technical intricacies -- and they use this knowledge to help you where you want help.

We are also currently running a research project in collaboration with the Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University asking global virtual team leaders what really works in virtual teams. If you are interested in being one of our informants, please contact us.

Contact us for a free online training on “Effective Virtual Meetings” or call us to find out more about us and our unique way of helping you improve your effectiveness.